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Gamecube GC Video Support Brace for Carby, Prism and GCHD mkII

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July 28th Update: I have added a GCHD mkII brace to the shop!


Have you noticed that the popular GC Video HDMI dongles for the Gamecube sag when a heavy HDMI cable is plugged into it? This simple brace latches onto the Gamecube vents below the Digital Video port and support the dongle from sagging. It keeps sticking out horizontally from the rear of the console.

There are 3 versions:

Carby version works with the Insurrection Industries Carby HDMI dongle and their Component video cable as it’s shell is the same dimensions as the Carby.

Prism version works with the Retrobit Prism HDMI dongle and the Prism Component cables.

GCHD mkII version works with the Eon GCHD mkII.




  Remove your Carby or Prism and this brace fit into the vents and rotates into place. Please see pictures.