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MiSTer Case (Top and Bottom Plate)

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New color! Pink Base and Blue top "Neon Nights"  


I designed this simple case for MiSTer FPGA to be inexpensive and easy to assemble. Features a top and bottom plate, 4 rubber feet, 4  14mm standoffs, 4 m3 x10mm screws and 4 25mm m3 x 25mm screws.

Note: The top plate has ventilation for the fan, but has no way for the fan to mount to it. This case assumes you have at least an Analog or Digital IO board. USB HUB not required, but supported. 


Available in 6 color combinations:

Black Base and Black Top "Blackout"

Black Base and Pink Top

Black Base and Blue Top

Gray Base and Purple Top "SNES" *My Fav*

Beige Base and Beige Top "Amiga 500"

Pink Base and Blue top "Neon Nights"  


Assembly Instructions:


Use the original 14mm Male to female standoffs included with your DE10-Nano to mount the IO plate to the DE10-nano with the male threaded part going down through the DE10-Nano. Screw on the supplied 14mm standoffs under the DE10-nano and install the USB HUB. The 10mm screws go up through the base plate to secure the baseplate and USB hub in place. The top plate goes on and is secured with the 25mm screws. Apply the rubber feet to the bottom and you are done.