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75 Ohm mini coax Console AV cables

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Retro Frog is happy to announce our new AV cables for retro consoles, the GOLD series!

Retro Frog Gold cables are designed to set the standard in Retro AV. Gone are the days of ghosty video and buzzy audio. These high quality cables are factory built from premium components and utilize high quality 75 ohm mini coax lines for all signals.

Available in 2 versions: 

Genesis 2 / MegaDrive 2

NEC CoreGrafx/SuperGrafx/Duo




Custom 75 ohm mini coax for all AV signals (composite video AND audio)

Foil and spiral wrapped shielding

Gold-plated RCA connectors

Thick, yet flexible outer casing for greater durability

How ours differs from the competition

You are probably wondering “so how exactly do these Gold cables differ from the existing stuff?”. Well, I’m glad you asked. Our cables are built with 75 ohm mini coax cabling end to end on ALL signal wires. Even audio. These lines are individually double shielded with both a spiral wrapping and foil shielding to insure no crosstalk from other signals and rejection of outside interference from other cables, power lines. Wifi and etc. Our RCA connectors have been selected to ensure the the best possible connection to your devices. No more death grip where it feels like you are doing to destroy something.

However, the same cannot be said for the vast majority of existing AV cables on the market for these consoles. At best you get minimal shielding; at worst no shielding at all. And NONE of them use 75 ohm mini coax because it simply costs more to produce. To add insult to injury, the rest of the cable construction on most of these cables is pretty poor. I’ve literally had ones where the RCA connector starts coming apart after being plugged in and out a handful of times. To top it off, many of these cables aren’t assembled correctly and have left and right stereo signals reversed.

What the heck is 75 ohm mini coax anyways?

75 ohm mini coax is the standard used in analog broadcast cabling. The vast majority of BNC cabling used in these environments is made up of 75 ohm mini coax. 75 ohm impedance is important in analog video signals as that is what this hardware was designed for and the signals are 75 ohms. So it’s important to use impedance matched cabling from console to display. If the impedance is mismatched it can cause reflections and ringing which can result in a degraded signal. And since we are using our 75 ohm mini coax on all lines, we get the extra benefit of noise rejection from outside sources as each line is individually shielded. 

75 ohm mini coax composes of a center dielectric (of PE insulation) with a copper core and double shielding going around it. The amount of copper in the core, the type of insulation that make up the dielectric and amount of shielding are what determines the cable impedance. Anything less ain’t 75 ohm compliant cabling.


Retro Frog Gold - Setting the new standard in retro av cables…The GOLD STANDARD