MiSTer USB Hub and Fan Case

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Are you a gamer on a budget but still want a fully working MiSTer setup? This might be the solution for you. This cases include cooling fan and USB hub built in. 


Available in 2 Colors: 

Black Base and Black Top

Gray Base and Purple Top "SNES"



This simple case kit includes:

Top plate piece with integrated fan mount

30mm Fan

Bottom Plate with USB hub mount

Makerspot OTG USB Hub


Feet for the bottom of the case

4 x m3x12mm screws



Just add DE10-Nano and the ram board and you have a fully functional MiSter setup with active cooling and USB hub. 


 Note: Since the USB Hub is powered by he DE10-Nano I wouldn't advise high powered devices attached to it like external hard drives. Controllers, keyboards and the like are fine.



Take off the clear acrylic plate and mounting hardware that ships on the DE10-Nano and put it aside as we won't use any of it. If you are using the optional SDram add-on for MiSTer make sure to install it now before proceeding. Next remove the protective film from the back of the heatsink exposing the sticky thermal tape and apply it to the large FPGA in the middle of the DE10-Nano. Make sure to center it on the chip with no overhangs. 


Place the top plate on top of the DE10-nano board. There is a cut out to clear the ram board so the orientation is clear. The fan will come preinstalled in the top plate piece. Plug in the fan to the front IO pins for power. You have 2 options: 5v for high performance, but louder. 3.3v for lower cooling but virtually silent. Please see the pictures for details on where to plug it in. The red wire goes on the back row of pins closest to the fan.


Note: I have thermally tested this design for 24 hours continuously with both fan voltages and both are more than adequate to cool the DE10-Nano. I would choose the 3.3v option to reduce noise. 


Add the bottom plate/Hub combo to the bottom of the DE10-Nano. Use the 4 supplied m3 x 25mm screws to secure the top and bottom plate together. Plug in the microUSB cable from the USB hub to the microUSB connector on the DE-10 Nano. This connector is on the same side as the ethernet jack. Apply the 4 rubber feet to the bottom of the case and you are done.