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PlayStation 1 Vertical Stand

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If you have a PlayStation and it's equipped with an optical disc emulator (ODE) like the xStation, PSIO or MODE and want to save some desk space, I designed this vertical stand to hold the PS1 upright. Plenty of room at the back of the PlayStation for parallel port devices like the PSIO or GameShark to still fit without issue.


It's shaped to exactly fit the PlayStation and because of how it's designed, the console can not slide out the front or rear but has to be lifted out. It's more or less locked into place and the only way to insert or remove the console is by lifting it straight out. 


Includes 4 rubber feet for the bottom of the stand.


Color Choices:

Light Gray 




Note: As seen in the photos, the stand holds the PlayStation with the Power Supply at the top. This is done on purpose as the PSU gets very warm and more importantly if your console has a ODE AND a PS1Digital, they generate a substantial amount of heat too and it's best not to have heat from the PSU coming up into them.