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Dreamcast Controller Cable Clip

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The Sega Dreamcast is a great console with a controller that had some odd design choices made for it. The most confusing is the controller cable that exits the back of the controller and then attaches to a clip built into the bottom of the controller guiding to the front. This makes absolutely no sense.


Well, Retro Frog is here to save the day. Our Dreamcast Controller Cable Clip attaches to the screws on the front of the controller to keep the cable firmly in place. You can yank and tug and the cable stays in place.


Available in 2 colors. Light gray and black.





Remove the 2 screws that flank each size of the VMU ports. Place the clip over the cable and reinstall the 2 screws. Make sure the text on the clip that says VMU with the arrows points towards the VMU. See pictures for correct orientation.