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Original Xbox 60mm Noctua Cooling fan adapter

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Due to popular demand, I have designed this simple adapter that allows a very common Noctua 60mm Fan to be used in place of the original 72mm stock Xbox fan. 


This is an alternative to the already existing Nexus 70mm fan adapter that I have been selling for 1 year. 


The Nexus 70mm fan works quite well in the original Xbox, however I've had folks ask me about using the Noctua 60mm fan instead. This is primarily for 2 reasons:

1. The Noctua is slightly quieter than the Nexus.

2. Noctua fans are readily and easily available worldwide, whereas the Nexus fan is apparently difficult to source in certain parts of the world. 


Two Colors to choose from:

Classic Black
Bright Green


Kit Includes:

  • 2 piece Noctua fan mount - Fan and fan screws not included.


Note: The fan that you want is the Noctua 60mm 12V version: (affiliate link). Other 60mm fans will probably work as well, but the mount was designed with the Noctua in mind. 



Install Instructions:


Flip the Xbox over and remove the 6 Torx T20 screws from the bottom. Lift the top over the console. Unplug the hard drive IDE and power. Remove the 2 screws in between the DVD drive and hard drive tray with a Torx T9. Lift the hard drive plastic tray out. On the far left side remove another Torx T9 screw to the left of the DVD drive. Lift it out and unplug the IDE and power cables from the motherboard. Set the DVD drive aside.


The Rear case fan can be removed by unclipping the clips at the lower sides of the fan that secure it to the bottom of the case. I recommend using something like a flat screwdriver and carefully prying them away from the fan sides. With a little finesse you can disengage them from the fan and lift the fan up and out of the back tabs.


Please see the pictures for how the 2 piece mount attaches to the Noctua 60mm fan. 


This design has the rear tabs that slide down into the case rear and indents for the tabs on each side of the original fan. This will keep the fan locked into place and not move. Be careful when removing your original fan and installing the new one as to not break those tabs off. The console is 20 years old now.