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OSSC replacement case v2

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Updated new version 2 of the OSSC case!

Has a new logo design more like the official OSSC logo, more room around the microSD card slot, realigned cutout for the IR sensor and now assembled with m3 bolts instead of smaller m2.6 ones.


This replacement case for the HDMI version of the OSSC will protect the sensitive circuit board while still allowing easy access to all of the ports and has built in ventilation holes to keep it cool. 




2 piece case (top and bottom)

4 m3 screws

4 rubber stick on feet


NOTE: The Kaico version (and some generics) of the OSSC may have issues with the SD card slot not lining up with the case. The original Video Game Perfection OSSC fits perfect. 


Assembly instructions:


Unscrew the large washer and nut from the top of the power switch and set aside as it's not needed. Remove the four screws going up through the bottom of the original plastic case. This should separate both the top and bottom pieces from the OSSC. 


Place the OSSC pcb into the bottom shell and then set the top on it. There are inset grooves going around the perimeter of the case to allow for easy alignment as well as a tab that sets directly behind the scart connector and behind the LCD. Insert the 4 screws through the bottom and screw into the top shell. Tighten just until snug, don't over tighten! Do NOT use an electric screwdriver or drill as you can break the posts in the case! Apply feet to the bottom of the case. Done.