RetroTINK 5X Pro Vertical Stand

Retro Frog

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New for June 14th 2nd Batch: I have added several new colors. The Red and Blue costs a couple $ more due to the filament cost.


These start shipping right away and might take until the end of the week before I can ship all orders.

This stand holds the wonderful RetroTINK 5X Pro in a vertical orientation. This is useful for setups that have limited space for the 5X to sit in (especially ones that use scart cabling). 


Also includes an integrated remote stand to hold the remote control upright when not in use. 

I've also integrated in a scart cable management system so that you can loop the Scart cable around from the top of the 5X down to the side and secure it in place with a velcro strap. This will secure even the thickest and heaviest of cables. 



Prusament Galaxy Black (black with a light glitter in it).

Prusament Galaxy Silver

Proto-Pasta Candy Apple Red

Proto-Pasta High Five Blue


5X Vertical Stand

4 rubber feet for the bottom

1 Velcro Strap