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Coming April 2022! - SNES2Neo - Ultra Low Latency SNES controller adapter for your Neo Geo console

Retro Frog

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Right now this listing is a place holder as we are putting the finishing touches on the SNES2Neo. We expect to have these available to order in early March of 2022 or sooner if possible.


The SNES2Neo is an ultra low latency adapter that allows you to use virtually all Super Nintendo controllers on your your Neo Geo AES, CD game system and MVS boards. 

Works with wired, wireless Bluetooth and wireless 2.4GHz SNES controllers.

With just 1ms of latency, the adapter won't get in your way of crushing other players at your favorite Neo Geo games.


To show your interest and to help us gauge production quantity, please sign up for the Out of Stock notification. As soon as we are ready to accept orders, you will receive an email to purchase a SNES2Neo.


Watch a video on the SNES2Neo: