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Vertical Solder Spool Holder

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I was looking for a vertical solder spool to handle .5lb and 1lb spools of solder and couldn't find anything so I designed this one.

Printed from PLA Plus, this solder spool handles both standard Kester and MG Chemicals spools. It includes two center spool pins depending on your spool size.

Included it package:

Bottom piece
Top piece
18.5mm round spool pin (for Kester spools)
24.5 mm round spool pin (for MG Chemicals spools)
8x22x7 bearing
Plastic washer
16mm M3 screw


Assembly is easy. The Bearing will come already installed in the bottom piece and the top piece placed on it. All you need to do is determine which spool pin is ideal for your solder and insert the M3 screw into the plastic washer and install it into the bottom of the spool holder and up into the spool pin making sure to not over tighten. This holds everything into place. The top portion of the spool should spin freely. Finally install the four plastic no slip feet onto the bottom of the spool holder and assembly is complete.